Balby Carr Uniform
PE Kit

Uniform Clarification

Your child’s school uniform will change partially in September, which includes school trousers or skirt. The rest of the uniform will remain the same in September 2018, which includes includes a white shirt, Balby Carr tie and a Balby Carr logo blazer which can be purchased from Cliffs.

Our new sponsor will launch a new uniform at some point during the academic year 2018-19, and this will be given to your child.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Academy on 01302 312140 or office@balbycarr.org

For a downloadable version of the Balby Carr Community Academy uniform policy, please click here


  • Black formal school trousers (full length) or black skirt (below the knee)
  • As an alternative a black Salwar Kameez may be worn.
  • White shirt with formal collar suitable for a tie
  • BCCA blazer MUST be warn at all times
  • Optional plain black V Neck jumper (no logos)
  • Black, polishable business shoes - Click here for an example - Please note, we are not endorsed by Wynsor's, these are just used as an example.
  • Coats should not be worn in the classroom

Students should have no:

  • Hoodies. Hoodies are not part of uniform and should not be seen on site. Hoodies are not an accepted as a coat.
  • Jumpers or sweatshirts of any type
  • Shapes cut into their hair styles
  • Extreme hair colour
  • Body piercings
  • Visible tattoos ‘It is an offence to  tattoo a person under the age of eighteen in the UK’

School Blazers and ties can be purchased from Cliffs, 11A-15 Printing Office St,
Doncaster DN1 1TJ, Telephone 01302 342983.  

Trousers/Shirts etc can be purchased from any retailer such as Tesco, BHS, Asda etc.
Please note, BHS doesn't not have a uniform section on their website, but all items can be purchased online or in store.

Uniform Violations

Students presenting at the academy with incorrect uniform will be give the opportunity to borrow the appropriate item for the day to allow them to attend lessons as normal. This includes footwear from a range of new shoes provided each year. Where students refuse to comply, or present with significant uniform issues, they will be placed into 
inclusion until the uniform issues are resolved.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Assistant Head of Year if you have any concerns.

PE Kit:

The accepted P.E Kit of Balby Carr Community Academy is as follows:

  • White sports tshirt with Academy logo
  • Black shorts with Academy logo (summer)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with Academy logo (winter)
  • Black tracksuit top with Academy logo (winter)
  • Trainers
  • The PE Kit can be purchased at www.live4soccer.co.uk

Students should bring the appropriate PE kit to every PE lesson. If they are suffering with injury or illness and are unable to participate, they should bring a note from home which is signed by a parent or guardian.
They are still expected to bring appropriate kit to change into and support the lesson.
Should students choose not to participate and not to bring a note they will be allocated a C1. They will be offered the chance to borrow alternative clean kit. Should they refuse, students will be issued with a C2 and placed in another PE group. 

Additional Items


The following Jewellery is permitted to be worn by students-

  • 1 small ring
  • 1 watch
  • 1 small pair of stud earrings
  • A plain black belt

Any student found in violation of these rules will be asked to remove the offending items immediately. 

Food and Drink

It is not permitted for students to eat or drink in corridors or classroom.

In light of advice from the Department of Education and growing concerns around the impact of these drinks on young people, ‘Energy Drinks’ (including Monster, Red Bull, Relentless etc) are not allowed in school. The British soft drinks association (BSDA) support this stance stating “we are clear that energy drinks are not recommended for children, and we want to get that message across to young people and their parents.” Any students with energy drinks will have them confiscated and poured away. 

Mobile phones and hand held devices

Mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods and so on are not allowed to be used in the
Academy or on its grounds.  Phones are not condoned and no support will be offered for them if lost or damaged.  If students have phones out they will be confiscated until the end of the day.
Repeat offenders will have them confiscated and parents will be asked to collect them at a time which is suitable for them.
The school is happy to take messages from parents or if the is a correct need to allow students access the academy’s landlines

Travelling to and from School

Whilst your child is travelling to and from school,  the Academy has a duty under the Education and Inspections act of 2006 to address any behaviour taken by children 
outside of school, provided they are in Academy branding.


Your child must have a bag large enough to accompany the following -

  • Must be large enough to carry an A4 Folder
  • Must be able to carry their academy planner
  • All of their exercise books given to them by teachers
  • A pencil case containing at least: 2 pens, 2 pencils, a calculator, a rubber and a ruler

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