Sociology is a GCSE and 'A' level examination subject focusing on society, and human social behaviour within it. Key areas of study include culture, socialisation and gender, ethnicity, family, education, crime and deviance, along with inequality, beliefs in society, and sociological research methods and theory.

Quality teaching and learning underpins everything we do in Sociology, Our classroom environment is first class, with student-centred informative, thoughtful and attractive displays, including our Wall of Fame and Hall of Fame, interactive whiteboards, a range of set texts and additional learning resources.

Enrichment activities include our very successful and unique Sociology Forum on youth crime, workshops delivered by agencies representing the Youth Offending Service, CVS, South Yorkshire Police, and the Domestic Violence Unit, along with active sociological research.

Continued examination success, at GCSE and A Level, inspires us to maintain our use of accelerated learning techniques within Sociology. We have worked very hard to promote and develop students personal qualities and to create a culture of success, and have been rewarded by the impressive achievements of our students.

Our A2 students regularly go on to study Sociology, Law, Criminology, the Media and other related topic areas at universities around the UK. Work opportunities arise in a range of human services, including Health and Social Care and the Police. Students of Sociology typically demonstrate independence, self-confidence and belief, enthusiasm, integrity and commitment. There is a great sense of togetherness apparent amongst our sociologists, which helps to maintain our Department's positive identity within the school.

The Sociology Department is:

Mrs N Forrest - Head of Faculty - Humanities

Mrs S Parton