'A school within a School'

Satellite Mission Statement
'Satellite is a school within a school, working closely with external agencies to deliver innovative provision, to re-engage and raise aspirations of previously disengaged students and parents back to the education system.'

Satellite Goals and Aims
• To provide a comfortable, stimulating and safe environment in which to continue the pupils education, working towards GCSEs or other relevant examinations, and work experience through work placements.
• To provide a trusting environment in which pupils can develop.
• To build a pupils self-esteem and give them a positive educational experience.
• To provide career guidance to achieve a smooth transition into further education or training and employment.
• To provide relevant work experience and placements with external agencies to prepare the students for life after education.
• To provide life skills relevant to the pupils needs.
• To provide learning mentor support to enable pupils to access relevant information. To include all pupils wherever possible, regardless of any special needs or disabilities.
• To provide support at home through one to one days, weekly contact and monitoring and reviewing online Home learning Pathways and review meetings
• To consider the environment and sustainability in all our work.
• To provide a service for the engagement and planned progress of pupils who without it would have limited or no access to the formal world of education.
• To provide a variety of interventions to address needs but to retain a focus on entitlement to the core elements of the National Curriculum according to the level of need and function.
• To bring together the expertise and experience of a wide range of staff and other professionals who are committed to the progress and achievement of pupils with complex needs which affect learning.
• To provide an opportunity for pupils to access education outside the core elements of the National Curriculum.
• To work to overcome barriers to learning.
• To allow pupils, where appropriate, access to examinations.

Admission Procedure for Satellite
Referrals are accepted from the Care & Guidance Team via the triage process

• Pupils displaying repeated concerning behaviour and have problems accessing a mainstream education; are at risk of permanent exclusion; Head teachers or  Trust Disciplinary Meeting.
• There is evidence that a range of strategies have been implemented by school and have failed; for example part time timetable, Learning Mentor intervention, pastoral support plan, etc.
• The referral has been agreed by parents/carers and the procedure begins on receipt of a referral form.
• Liaison takes place at triage to ensure the student meets all the criteria for admission. Confirm if a CAF is in place or requires being actioned.

Admissions Procedure
A meeting in school with both Parent and student is arranged to outline the expectations of Satellite, and the role the family are expected to play. A tour of Satellite, and a start date is agreed and set. A timetable is planned and an individual Education Plan is written.

Curriculum Pathways

Key Stage 3
• We aim to ensure continuity in the work delivery for every student. We provide, as far as possible, a broad balanced curriculum. That runs parallel with mainstream school.

Students in Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to work towards re-integration into mainstream lessons.

Satellite provides support for the student both academically and pastorally. We strive to ensure that their social and emotional needs are met to allow each individual to achieve their optimal learning opportunities, always working hard together towards their inspirational curriculum targets.

Students have a personalised curriculum pathway ensuring all students complete entry level and GCSE Maths, English and Science. Students also complete ICT and Technology, PHSE, Asdan, as well as work placement programmes.

Satellite students complete their education in Satellite. Exams are also taken and invigilated within Satellite. Some students have to opportunity to complete both Satellite and Mainstream provision as part of their agreed provision.

External Agencies
CAMHS - Consultation Surgeries
IFSS - Support for families and student
Safe at last – support for students
Education Welfare - Support for families and student
Education Psychologist - Assessing the requirements of student learning
School Nurse - referral if concerns arise regarding student health or personal issues.


Satellite / TLC Staff

Amanda Taylor - Satellite and Therapeutic Learning Centre Manager 

Hayley Harrison - Satellite Senior Learning Mentor

Dominic Pay - Teaching Staff Satellite

Andre Credland - Teaching Staff Satellite

Nigel Marshall - Teaching Staff Satellite

Angela Page - School Counsellor