It is possible for students to study Psychology at AS and A2, providing they have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning at GCSE and have achieved a minimum of C grades in English Maths and Science. What a good Psychology student needs most is an enquiring, open and analytical mind.

So, what is Psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of all forms of human and animal behaviour, sometimes concerned with how behaviour can be modified.

Some of the issues we investigate include:
• How do we perceive, think, understand language, learn, and remember things?
• Why do we forget things and remember some things better than others?
• How do our emotions and motivations develop and how are they controlled?
• How do we behave in social situations and how do social situations control us?
• How can we carry out experiments and investigate phenomena most effectively as well as ethically?

See the EPortal and Mrs Lee for more details

The Psychology Department is:

Mrs N Forrest - Head of Faculty - Humanities
Mrs K Lee - Subject Leader