French is the main foreign language taught at Balby Carr, with students learning the language from Year 7.  Spanish is a Language choice offered to some Year 9 and KS4 students.

There are many reasons why learning French, German or Spanish would give you an advantage in life.
• World-wide they are amongst the top 6 most widely spoken languages ñ combined they are spoken by 700 million people!
• French and Spanish are in the top 4 languages used by businesses locally.
• Language graduates have lower than average unemployment rates. France and Spain are the UKís largest global markets and their largest European export markets.
• In general, having languages on your CV can move your career along quicker - 2 years ahead of the crowd according to the British Chambers of Commerce
• Employers value the skills developed by language learners. These include skills in communication, team work, problem solving, presentation and organisation.
• People who speak more than one language can earn on average an extra £3000-£9000 a year.
• Having a language qualification makes you far more attractive to employers of all kinds and gives you a unique selling point making you, not just more employable but also giving you more job security.
• The expansion of Robin Hood Airport is bringing more jobs into the area where languages are essential.
• Learning another language is not as hard as some people think. As an English speaker you already have an advantage as other languages share the same roots.

Look at these French words and guess what they mean: Café, éducation, football, tigre, rivière, bleu, orange, autobus and appartement.

Take this list of Spanish words that you should recognise: Italia, Irlanda, febrero, septiembre, animales, hamster, supermercado and restaurante.

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The Languages Department are:
Mrs K Lee - Head of Faculty - Languages
Mrs R Hodgson & Mrs V Maybury