Education Structure
This course is equivalent to three A levels and covers 18 modules over two years.

Course Content

The course will cover the following 19 modules:
• Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
• Physiology of Fitness
• Assessing Risk in Sport
• Practical Team Sports
• Fitness Training and Programming
• Sports Development
• Practical Individual Sports
• Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
• Sports Coaching
• Work Experience
• Psychology for Sports Performance
• Analysis of Sports Performance
• Sports Injuries
• Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
• Rules, Regulations and Officiating
• Talent Identification and Development in Sport
• Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
• Physical Education and the Care of Young People
• Organising Sports Events.

Forms of Assessment
The course is assessed via various coursework assignments such as; essays, presentations, reports, role plays, videos, and practical assessments.  Other courses that will be offered to students throughout the two years are; Community Sports Leaders Award, Higher Sports Leaders Award, Sports Coach UK Courses, Emergency First Aid Course, & Various National Governing Body Awards. Students who show a willingness to use their qualifications, experience and commitment to put back into school sport will be able to apply for funding towards the award.

Entry Requirements
This programme is not suitable for students who are only interested in taking part in sport & games. The Academies are there to help you develop your practical skills in a particular area. However, your education is just as important. Maintaining a balance between the two is an essential attribute to have. This programme is suitable for students who enjoy physical education and sport & are interested in sport related studies.  As a prerequisite you are expected to have studied a sport related course at GCSE level gaining at least a C grade or equivalent. A good English GCSE grade is also desirable.

Progression Routes
This course, acts as an excellent progression into Higher Education, especially if related to sport & physical education. Scholarships both at home or abroad is a route some choose to follow in their chosen sport.  This course will aid students into progressing into many sport and leisure related careers. The most common are: the sport & leisure industry, coaching & teaching, sport/physical education; exercise physiology; sport psychology; research.