Home Learning

Homework is a key part of the learning process for all students at the academy and so it is essential that students are given appropriate home learning to ensure that they are able to make good progress within each subject area that they are studying. The way that home learning is set and shared with students in Year 7 has recently changed and students are now each given a home learning booklet that details all tasks for the half term and includes additional websites for students to visit to enhance their learning further. Tasks for students in year 7 are now broken down into four easy categories: Create, Research, Discuss, Think.

In addition to this all students are given the choice of three levels of ability of task to access: Comfortable, Challenging or Complex. Students should select the level of task that they feel confident to complete in each subject area. Please note: there may be times when staff direct students to complete specific tasks if they feel that this is more appropriate for their current ability – this will be communicated to the student individually.

Students are set tasks in lesson time from their home learning booklets and given a deadline for these to be handed in. Any create task they complete will be marked and students will be given feedback on these all other tasks will be shared as part of the learning in the classroom.

The home learning booklet is available below and includes all tasks and an overview of all home learning for year 7 for the remainder of the year.

Please note:

All other year groups will have home learning set in the normal way until the end of this academic year.

Year 7 Home Learning Booklet - Spring Half Term 1

Year 8 Home Learning Booklet - Spring Half Term 1

Year 9 Home Learning Booklet - Spring Full Term

Letter to Parents/Carers - Year 7 Home Learning (June 2016)