What is an Aspire Mentor group?

A group of pupils from a variety of primary schools who have been placed together for registration and delivery of a tutorial programme from Year 7. Aspire groups consist of students from the same year group. Your child's Aspire Mentor, Head of Year and Key Stage Leader are your main point of contact with the school.  Details of these can be found under Information - Staff.

What if my child is ill?
Please phone school on the first day to let us know of the reason for absence if at all possible. Please send a note to school when your child return, addressed to his/her tutor. This may be written in your child's planner. If we have not heard from you within three days we will contact you. We may do this earlier if we have particular concerns. We also do regular morning spot checks by phoning parents of absent students. Regular attendance at school is very important and we monitor it closely. Family holidays during school time except in exceptional circumstances are no longer allowed, and fines can be issued by the Local Authority.

What should my child do if he/she feels ill whilst in school?
Firstly, he/she should tell the class teacher. If he/she is not in a lesson then he/she should find his/her mentor. Your child may be sent to rest in the first aid room. where they will be assessed by Mrs Ormshaw a qualified first aider. We will, of course, phone you immediately if we feel it is necessary for him/her to be taken home. If your child has to take medication during the school day this must be administered through the first aid room by staff and should be handed into the first aid room in the morning and not carried around school. All medicine should be clearly labeled with your child's name and written permission from yourself with the time and dosage and any possible side effects.

What will my child need to bring to school?
Basic equipment is vital. All pupils should have pens, pencils, rubber, ruler and preferably some simple geometrical instruments such as a pair of compasses and a protractor. A calculator is very helpful and these can be purchased through the mathematics department. Your child will receive a school planner at the start of term which includes a diary section for writing homework in and other useful information. Your child will need to bring the planner into school daily. They will certainly need a bag to carry all their books and folders around in.

How is my child likely to react to the new school?
Probably with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Most pupils get very tired in the first few weeks. Moving around every hour, carrying bags is very different from primary school. They will soon get used to it. Your child's Aspire Mentor will give guidance and support. Additional support will be given to some children through Learning Mentors.

What should I do if I have concerns about my child?
Please contact school sooner rather than later. Most problems are sorted out quickly and easily. Don't worry if the problems seem small or trivial, we would rather know about it and put your mind at rest. Please telephone School on 0845 345 1629 and ask for your child's Head of Year. The school switchboard is open from 8.00am and there are usually staff in school until at least 4.30pm.

When will I first find out about my child's progress?
We monitor the progress of new pupils very carefully. We have already had details information from the primary schools and several staff have visited to talk with colleagues at each school. Target setting and your child's progress is an important part of their education. This information is shared with you when you are invited to attend a Subject Open Evening where subject staff and Aspire Mentors will be available.  Details of your next Subject Open Evening can be found on the School Calendar (link above) and letters / texts will go out to parents/carers beforehand.

What happens at lunchtime?
We recommend that all pupils stay in school for their lunch. The canteen serves excellent meals at a very reasonable cost. Your child may bring in a packed lunch that must be eaten in the designated room. There are lots of activities at lunchtimes including sports, arts and computing. We will give your child more details when they have had chance to settle in.

What subjects will they do?
We have a 2 weekly timetable. Lessons are one hour long, there are 25 lessons per week. There are a range of subjects including, Maths, English, Science, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Music, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Aspire & Modern Foreign Languages.

When does the school day start/finish?
Each Academy week consists of 25 lessons.  The school day begins at 8.30am with Aspire Time in Aspire Groups.  The final period of the day finishes at 2.40pm.

What about homework?
Most homework tasks will be about 30-45 minutes long and will vary greatly in what they ask your child to do. Please encourage them to keep up to date and to record their homework in their planners. We aim to promote good study skills for the future. If you have worries about homework, please get in touch with the school.

What if my child goes on a trip?
We will also inform you by letter if your child is going out of school for any reason. This could include lessons outside of school as well as trips.

Free Meals
Your son/daughter may be entitled to free meals. As a general guideline, these are available to people in receipt of Income Support or income based Job Seekers allowance. Please ask for a form if you wish to apply.