For a better understanding of how the new grading system works, please click here to view a breakdown of how it all works from SSAT.

Exam Start Times / Venues
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before exams start.

Morning exams start at 9.00am.
Afternoon exams start at 1.30pm.

A/AS examinations are in the gym, please gather in the PE changing room corridor.

GCSE examinations are in the sports hall, please check your meeting point with your subject leader.

Top Ten Revision Tips
1.   Start your revision early. It is often the case that you will need more time than you think.
2.   Create a simple revision plan. Stick to it!
3.   Organise yourself, your notes, and your textbooks.
4.   Choose a revision location that's comfortable, well-lit and quiet. Keep all materials, pens, text books, paper etc within easy reach.
5.   Look at different revision methods, and choose one that suits you.
6.   Take regular breaks.
7.   Keep healthy, eat well and make sure you get enough sleep during the run up to your exams. Exercise regularly.
8.   Set yourself achievable targets and reward yourself when you meet them.
9.   Attempt past papers to get a feel for the type of questions you will have to answer, and for the layout of the paper.
10. Always ask for help from teachers if you are having trouble understanding something.

Information for Candidates

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Use of Social Media During Examination Periods
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