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All students learn Music and Drama from Year 7 and Music Technology is offered as well as Music and Drama and Theatre Studies at GCSE and A Level. The department has high expectations of all staff and students and this is showcased termly in the huge variety of concerts and shows the department produces. Music and Drama education at Balby Carr starts from the premise that everyone is a performer. Indeed, there can be few people who do not gain enjoyment from music or drama. It is an essential element of our daily lives and can affect us deeply. Those who perform and compose will be only too aware of the challenges and commitment that these activities involve as well as the fulfilment and satisfaction that can be gained.

Balby Carr is justifiably proud of the achievement of its students in shows, choirs and instrumental groups and such extra-curricular developments build on the core provision made available to all in the taught curriculum. It is here that all students experience the essentials of composition, performing and listening and appraising and hopefully start to appreciate the importance of music and drama in society and its place in the cultural development of mankind.

The Drama Department are:

Mr M Cox - Head of Faculty - Creative Studies
Miss R Edson - Subject Leader