The Dining Area

  • Located in the Main School Hall
  • Catering staff motivated by enthusiasm generated throughout the school
  • A wide variety of food to cater for all tastes freshly cooked each day
  • A good balanced diet
  • Offering a breakfast service for a balanced start to the day at reduced cost
  • Daily morning break service offering nutritionally balanced snacks
  • Pupils, parents and staff are always welcome to suggest likes and dislikes to incorporate into new menus each half term.

Behind The Scenes

  • Modern cooking equipment       
  • Highly qualified staff both dedicated and reliable
  • All preparation areas maintained and professionally cleaned by staff 
  • Hygienic standards paramount

Staff Development

  • Staff eager to develop and train to the highest level
  • Willing to take on new ideas and focus on future trends and developments
  • Exceptional working relationships with colleagues and pupils, working together for the good of the school
  • A team effort from planning to production through to service

How Do We Achieve These Standards

  • Ensuring that the physical and personal needs of all service users are catered for in an appropriate way
  • Participating in projects and activities within the school
  • Through teamwork
  • By encouraging personal development
  • Praising effort and commitment
  • Through supervision and motivation
  • Recognising individual needs