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We aim to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and encourage all students to consider a wide range of careers. Through careers education and guidance students will be encouraged to make the most of their talents and pursue employment, further or higher education which match their needs and current ability.

Our students will:

  • develop a broad understanding of the world of work and an ability to respond to changing opportunities
  • develop independent research skills so that they can make good use of information and guidance
  • develop and use their self-knowledge when thinking about and making choices
  • develop the skills they need to review achievements, plan future actions, make decisions, present themselves well and cope with change and transition.


The Governing Body and staff are committed to:

  • the provision of resources and advice to enable students to understand and develop career choices and to ensure that careers education is seen as part of the overall curriculum and learning framework for all years
  • encouraging all students to achieve and to be ambitious
  • involving students, parents and carers in the further development of careers work
  • working with an external impartial Careers Guidance professional so that no student  is disadvantaged in gaining access to education, training or work


Careers include both education and guidance. Careers education helps our students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work. Through guidance students are able to use their knowledge and skills to make the decisions about learning and work that are right for them.

Careers education forms an integral part of the curriculum in the Aspire programme. The three main areas of careers learning, identified in the National Framework, form themes throughout careers work from years 7-13.

Self-Development - understand themselves and the influences on them

Career Management - make and adjust plans, to manage change and transition

Career Exploration - Investigate opportunities in learning and work

In addition we organise:

  • Visits to Careers conventions for students in year 11 , 12 and 13
  • Visits to universities for students in years 7-13
  • Work experience for Year 10 and the offer of work experience to Sixth Formers
  • Induction week for Year 12 to understand all the pathways available

Careers guidance takes place on a one to one basis and is one aspect of the school’s pastoral system. In this respect careers work is supported by the work mentors do in Aspire sessions. All staff are involved in guidance to an extent. We are also well supported by our Careers Adviser who is in school regularly.

Equal opportunities

We are keen to promote equal opportunities and try to use every opportunity to challenge stereotypes and to raise aspirations. In lessons teachers are asked to ensure that pupils work in mixed gender groups and that girls as well as boys are asked to be spokesperson. We monitor careers resources regularly to ensure that they encourage both boys and girls and students from minority ethnic groups to enter different careers.

Targeted support

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are targeted for extra help by the SENDCO, Key Stage Managers and Heads of Year. There is a specific transitional support list for year 11 students, based on the LA Vulnerability Matrix.

At special events such as the Careers Conventions we aim to give pupils a view of young, successful career women and men. The destinations of our leavers are closely monitored and younger students informed so that we are aware of trends and opportunities.

Monitoring, evaluation and review

The careers programme is monitored regularly and amended after an annual review. Students’ opinions are actively sought and a working party of students helps in evaluation and review

Relationship to other parts of the curriculum and other policies

Careers education is conducted in accordance with the School’s equal opportunities policy, external visits policy and other relevant policies. The whole school remit of careers is recognised and the curriculum is developed alongside that of other areas so that careers education is an integral part of the whole school curriculum


The overall management of Careers Education and Guidance is with a member of the school’s senior management team. The Careers Manager works closely with the SLT member responsible for CEIAG and the external Guidance professional. The Careers Manager also manages work experience.


The School has provided an excellent careers area comprising of a a library and a careers office and is committed to maintaining it. All students may use this area, which is open from 8am to 4pm. The area is staffed every lunchtime. The Careers Manager has an ‘open door’ policy and pupils regularly call in for advice.

There is a dedicated Careers section on the schools eportal which houses links to over 80 Careers websites. All staff are aware of this and how to refer to sites when talking to students and Parents.

Our careers adviser is available regularly and interviews may be booked through the Careers Manager. We recognise the key role that parents and carers play in career choices. They are welcome to use the Careers room and to accompany their daughters/sons to interviews. 

Past students are a valuable resource and come into help with careers work. We are also grateful for the support we have had from local and national industries and higher education institutions.