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Business Studies
Business Studies
Business Studies

The Business and ICT department is a strong, dynamic and forward looking department that offers a range of courses to maximise the opportunities for the students to achieve their potential.

The department has high expectations of all including staff and students. We aim to provide high quality teaching and learning to enable all students to maximise their opportunities to fulfil their potential. We carefully monitor studentsí progress and aim to work in partnership with both the students and parents to ensure all are aware of their current progress and the ways in which they can maximise their opportunities to achieve.

GCSE Business Studies

What will I learn to do?
The GCSE Business Studies course is made up of various parts called units. These tell you what you need to learn, what evidence you have to produce and what you need to do to achieve a successful grade.

Unit A291 - Marketing and Enterprise
In this unit you will understand and learn about market research and data collection. Topics will include the marketing mix and how this impacts the marketing in the wider business environment. Finally students will explore the topic of Enterprise and the roles of an entrepreneur.

Unit A292 - Business and People
Students will understand the structure of business activity. Topics that will be explored in this section includes the needs for business activity e.g. Business ownership, trading organisations, growth and location. Finally topics include how the workforce in business is structured and the retention of employees.
Unit A293 - Production, Finance and the external business environment
This unit will get students to understand how organisations manage resources to produce goods and services. Areas of study include different types of productions methods and costs. Students will understand environmental influences and business ethics and the globalisation and UK business

Assessment is a mixture between examination and controlled assessments. Students will achieve a grade of A*-G at the end of the year.

What skills do I need?
Good English and Maths skills will be an advantage for this course. You will develop your Business knowledge over the two years when studying this course. Commitment and effort is required to successfully achieve a good GCSE grade.

What is next for me after this course?
This qualification is an excellent building block for higher study in the subject. It is also extremely useful for anyone moving straight into employment because it provides the skills often required by employers.

Business Studies in the Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to study the following courses in Year 12:
• Business Studies - A Level
• Accounting - A Level
• Public Services (AS Level)

The Business Studies Department are:
Mr B Prior - Head of Faculty - Business & ICT
Miss J Baxter, Mrs E Cutting & Mrs R Murray